Paul Byrne
I'm a Scouse nomad & an international media man of mystery
24, ambitious, single, British expat who doesn't drink tea. Most describe me as a witty and extremely sarcastic writer. I love rants and hearing other peoples opinions. Lets face it the news can be boring! In my spare time I often write digestible summaries of the news and provide some comic relief to what’s going on in the world in my free time Blogging and reading alternative news columns.  People in general are a fascination. The weirder the better, I don't care for celebrities but I love creative people with an alternative way of thinking. Which probably explains why the majority of my friends are musicians and entertainers I’ve worked with. I love attending(and filming) gigs, I’m really enjoying the Minnesotan music scene so far, it makes me feel like I'm at home.  As a recent immigrant I’m still trying to figure out Minnesota and what makes this place tick. Being a “dumb foreigner” does have its advantages out here. As a Journalist from another country you can cut through the political and social prejudices in America as many of them don’t apply to an international journalist. You can’t paint me as a Liberal or a Conservative because those terms in my context are meaningless. Though people still try and most conclude the closest thing’s are Libertarian and Independent. I’m obsessed with objectivity in my writing, which harks back to my background in British broadsheet journalism where accuracy is important above all else. Doesn’t mean you will always agree with my political conclusions but you will respect how I came to them. We have a belief in British Journalism that being objective isn’t about pleasing everyone. Thats impossible. Being objective as a journalist is treading on everyones toes to get at the “truth” irrespective of political views. If one side is happy with your journalism and the other isn’t, chances are you’re being biased. If both sides claim you are biased in your reporting, chances are you are being objective! and thats how I operate as a Journalist. I pull no punches and put everyone on the spot to bring you the truth. 
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