Dr.Barbro Brost, DC
Born and raised in Sweden I came to Minnesota in 1975 to attend Northwestern College of Chiropractic (now Northwestern Health Sciences university). After 4 years of study I graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. My first 6 years of practice took place in Stockholm,Sweden where I also continued studies in Scandinavian natural health care. In 1985 we decided to return to the USA and started the plans for the clinic in Wayzata. We opened the door at The Brost Clinic in April of 1986 and it has since developed into one of the largest chiropractic and natural healthcare clinics in the Midwest. We currently have 6 full time chiropractors, all also certified in acupuncture, 6 massage therapists, a personal trainer and a wonderful support staff available to help patients get out of pain and optimize their health. Our doctors are keeping up on the latest developments in chiropractic, physiotherapy technologies and nutritional research to offer the most effective treatments for our patients. We do this with a lot of caring and heart and our patients often comment how welcome and cared for they feel at The Brost Clinic. We always make room on the schedule for a same day appointment when someone is in pain! Because we are a larger clinic we can offer many treatment options that a typical chiropractic clinics don't have available such as nonsurgical disc decompression treatments for disc herniations. Our doctors treat patients of all ages, babies to seniors, specializing in many different techniques to treat car accident related injuries, sports injuries, work related injuries, back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome to mention a few. Because we often combine chiropractic, acupuncture and specific nutritional supplements we can also address many other health issues such as digestive problems, menstrual or infertility problems and ear infections. We offer drug free alternatives for patients that are concerned about the side effects of prescription medications. We always welcome new patients and offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to determine if we think we can help.
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