Rugby Continues to Grow in Popularity Among Local High School Girls

Minnesota is home to one of the largest high school rugby leagues in the nation. Orono and Wayzata are among the best.

The game was a tough one.

Orono and Wayzata were neck and neck for the majority of last Wednesday's rugby match, with neither team making much of an impact on the scoreboard.

Orono had the majority of the possession throughout the game, although they couldn't turn that into points. It looked like Orono had squeezed a narrow victory at the end with a try that came from a referee's decision.

All Orono had to do was hold onto those points.

But in the final seconds Wayzata found a gap and broke through to score a try and a successful kick afterward. 

Seconds after Wayzata scored the whistle was blown and it was game over. A very dramatic end to the match that would have placed Orono top of the league standings. 

Final Score:  Wayzata 14    Orono 12


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