Wayzata H.S. Alum Named 2012 Davidson Fellow

Class of 2012 alumnus Duligur Ibeling has been honored for his science project.

Duligur Ibeling, a class of 2012 Wayzata High School graduate, was recently named a 2012 Davidson Fellow for his science project “The Metallicity-Dependent Transition between White Dwarfs and Type II Supernovae,” and received a $25,000 scholarship.

Ibeling’s science project constitutes the first-ever detailed determination of the minimum mass for core-collapse supernovae as a function of metallicity. This allows for more accurate prediction of the final fates of certain stars, as well as galactic supernova formation rates.

His results will allow scientists to estimate how many supernovae occurred at each epoch of the universe, thus improving human understanding of the structure, chemical evolution, and light emissions of the universe over its entire history.

Ibeling is a freshman at Harvard University. He hopes to pursue a career in scientific research.

Ibeling will be honored at a reception in Washington, D.C., on October 3.

(Information provided by a Wayzata Public School press release.)


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