VIDEO: Minnetonka Does the Harlem Shake

The newest dance craze has landed in Minnetonka.

Clay Borrell announced on YouTube Tuesday that he "Got my school to do a Harlem Shake video."

The Harlem Shake is the most recent dance craze to blast the country and has made its way to Minnetonka High School. 

The post on YouTube received comments such as this:

Great video :D

Please...kill me now. I don't want to admit I went to that high school anymore

I was trying to find Adney in there dancing, but it seems he didn't feel like "dancing like grandma is watching." Gosh I miss MHS! 

The Harlem Shake is not the first trend that Minnetonka has conquered. Also check out their Gangnam style.

The dance also made its way to the Mound Westonka High School cafeteria last week, which resulted in suspension for varsity hockey players and backlash at administration for the punishment. Mound Westonka's athletic director was put on administrative leave. 

Kathleen Minahan February 28, 2013 at 03:25 PM
I wonder if any of their students got suspended?for such a 'horrible' act


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