VIDEO: How Do I Build a Robot?

Edina's Green Machine explains what you need to construct a friendly robot.

You don't have to look too far to find a robot these days. While they may not be lumbering around getting groceries or putting on our roofs, they are a key part of industry, personal technology and even transit systems. They range from a few feet long to the size of a semi-trailer. 

Green Machine has been making robots for state-wide competition for the last few years. The team is given a basic kit of supplies, told what problem to solve, and given six weeks to design and build their robot. Zeebo, the robotic result of one competition, can turn, go fast or slow, carry and lift objects and even shake hands.

Team Co-Captains Alex O'Neill and Kevin Kreumpelstaedter demonstrated a few key things you may need to get your own robot running. They were also thoughtful enough to explain how you can keep it from taking over the world.


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