School Nurse: Westonka Schools on 'Downside' of Reported Flu Cases

Rates were higher in December, and only scattered faculty absences being blamed on flu.

From Westonka school nurse, Lois VanDyke:

We had more influenza like illness in December. Right now we are on the downside in all buildings, however that can change as the flu can come in waves. We have had one to two staff members out with the flu like illness too. Some parents have called in with a confirmation that their child has Influenza A. Most call in stating their child has fever, body aches, and sore throat.

As for prevention, we follow the health departments recommendations:
1. stay home if you are sick.
2. wash your hands.
3. get a flu shot.
4. Stay away from others who are sick.

Those of us in the health offices are taking students' temperatures, evaluating the sore throats and coughs, contacting parents if the student is too ill to be in school. Our usual evaluation but more heightened for flu like illness. Not real exciting or newsworthy. Flu like illnesses are here but not overly much at this time.

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