Minnetonka High School Principal Asks For Modesty; Doesn't Ban Yoga Pants

Principal Dave Adney sent an email to parents this morning explaining that "Some of our girls have chosen to wear t-shirts with the leggings, thus exposing more leg and backside area" and asked parents to encourage modesty.

Facebook and Twitter were alive with pushback Monday afternoon after a supposed "yoga pants ban."

Tweets such as these were sent out by Minnetonka High School students: "They banned yoga pants at Minnetonka high school. Hahaha that's so ridculous," and "Can hear the cries of Minnetonka girls everywhere after adney banned yoga pants at the high school."

However, the school district explained there was no "ban" on tight-fitting pants, instead a call for modesty. 

This email was sent to parents by Minnetonka High School Prinicipal Dave Adney on Monday at 9 a.m.:

Hello Parents of Minnetonka High School students,

This is Dave Adney with an update on high school fashion trends and a request.

As the weather gets colder we have noticed a fashion trend with our young women. Many of them choose to wear leggings usually made of spandex or another form of tight fitting material. In past years this has not been a major problem since fashion norms called for a long sweatshirt, jersey or sweater to be worn in conjunction with the leggings. This fall another pattern has emerged and we are requesting parent support.

Some of our girls have chosen to wear t-shirts with the leggings, thus exposing more leg and backside area. This can be highly distracting for other students and I am asking your assistance. If your daughters choose to wear leggings or other tight fitting clothing please support our goal of keeping things covered up. We encourage students to dress modestly and this trend is definitely a move away from our general expectations.


Dave Adney

What do you think of this request? Is it necessary? Leave a comment below.

Erin Black January 07, 2013 at 03:54 PM
As a current student, I can say that we do not have slipping grades (#1 in math and #2 in reading) and drug and alcohol use has gone down. 84% of Minnetonka students dont use in any given week. You said the school has so many issues, but only gave two. And it's not a matter of don't look if you don't like it, becuase it is a public school and kids have the right to feel safe in that setting. What many people don't realize is that women and girls were the ones complaining to him about the leggings. More female than male teachers complained about the leggings. The High Definition tights and spandex some of the girls are wearing is extremely distracting. Dave Adney is one of the best prinicipals in the state and has done wonderful things for Minnetonka. And he has many different priorities. I find myself doubting you were ever a student at this wonderful school. A graduate of Minnetonka High School wouldn't be as daft and dim-witted as you.
David young February 27, 2013 at 07:41 PM
Who cares
none of your business March 11, 2013 at 03:28 AM
i am a male student in the 8th grade and i support wearing yoga pants because i just like looking at butts
TheTruthHurts March 25, 2013 at 02:09 AM
Questioning this man's wisdom could be a symptom of a lack of social grace; sadly, poweful forces stunt young adults who have yet to learn to understand their identity, their emotions, and how their actions affect the world around them. They are highly self aware yet far from understanding selflessness which comes at a high price; rather, peers and media drive their identity. The harder you push against this the worse it will become. So we need to address the lack of identity and the absence of guidance.
Susan March 25, 2013 at 02:24 AM
Ironic. The guidance that this guy tried to provide was through the parents. Good luck with that! Get your kids into home school before the Godless mob sucks the "grace" out of them, too!


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