Edina School Officials 'Disappointed' by Graffiti at Minnetonka High School

After a group of Edina students painted Minnetonka High School's senior rock in Hornet colors, officials from both schools work together.

The students responsible for a prank gone awry at  over the weekend have been identified and will face disciplinary actions, according to school district officials.

Susan Brott, Edina's director of communications and community engagement, said the district is still investigating the incident and has reached out to officials in Minnetonka.

"We hope to be able to offer a positive response (e.g., Letter of apology, clean up crew if needed) today to better demonstrate what Edina, and specifically Edina High School, stands for in terms of respect and appropriate behaviors," Brott said.

Edina High School caught plenty of flak over a prank executed this weekend on Minntonka High School's senior rock. A group of Edina High School students painted the previously blue rock green and white, tagging "Edina" and "Hornets" on the stone.

The rock had been painted earlier this year in honor of Kennedy Maddox, a Minnetonka graduate . The rock has been around since the early 1980s for Minnetonka seniors to paint.

Minnetonka Schools are taking the action in stride.

“We appreciate the long-standing rivalry Minnetonka and Edina have in activities and athletics, but we believe this rivalry should stay on the field," said Minnetonka High School Principal Dave Adney. "We know the actions of a few Edina students do not represent their entire student body."  

Adney added "We want to thank the Edina administration for their quick response to this situation. We’re looking forward to a good year of friendly competition.”

The action drew plenty of .

Edina High School Principal Bruce Locklear said he was "very disappointed in the individuals responsible for this inappropriate behavior."

"Such actions are not representative of what we stand for at Edina High School," Locklear said. "We expect much more of our students and certainly do not condone this behavior."

Locklear admitted competitions and rivalries between schools run deep, but said those rivalries should remain on athletic fields and should not involve the destruction of school property.

"On behalf of the Edina High School community, I sincerely apologize to the Minnetonka High School students, staff and community members affected by this disrespectful act," he said.

The MHS senior rock has already , complete with the words "Tonka," "Seniors" and the initials "KM" for Kennedy Maddox.

The "senior rock" has been around since the early 1980s, according to Jake Sturgis, communications coordinator for Minnetonka Public Schools.

"It's been a source of pride, whether it's a state championship or grieving over students, but it's typically something the senior class adopts," he said.

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Was this just a harmless prank? Tell us in comments!

Tom Kroupa August 20, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Remember that our strength is measured by the strength of our opponent. It is a great show of strength coming in the form of official apologies from Edina H.S. officials. We should be strong in accepting this apology and forgiving them.
David Abrams August 21, 2012 at 02:40 PM
If all the kids did was paint a rock then I'm not even sure this is newsworthy. Mtka kids can just paint it again. if they painted a rock that was specifically a memorial to Kennedy Maddox then this involves a level of insensitivity that we would expect to see only in politicians and pundits and the kids should have known better.


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