Yvonne Selcer Files Complaint Over Republican Mailer

A mailer sent out this past weekend by the House Republican Campaign Committee claims Selcer did not pay her taxes on time, which Selcer says is a lie.

Yvonne Selcer, who is challenging Kirk Stenrud for the State Representative District 48A seat representing Minnetonka and Eden Prairie, filed a complaint Monday with the Office of Administrative Hearings. 

In the complaint form for violation of the Fair Campaign Practices Act, Selcer sited a mailer paid for by the House Republican Campaign Committee that stated “Selcer even failed to pay her own 2012 property taxes on time.”

Selcer said she did pay her taxes on time in 2012, as evidenced by the Hennepin County Attorney’s public website

"My husband and I take our reputations very seriously," Selcer said in a news release. "We’ve never had a late property tax payment in our lives, so to have someone intentionally spread a lie like this is disappointing."

View the mailer in question, Selcer's complaint and Selcer's property tax information included in this article.

Selcer stated in the complaint that the mailer could not only harm her reputation but also the reputation of her husband Chuck, a CPA who has lectured nationwide on the subject of ethics.

David November 02, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Dan says, "Just because the Republican party says something, does NOT make it true." Right back at you with the DFL, Danny Boy. Too Putz Tommy and John Mallo lied about a Stensrud constituent outreach event because they are ignorant of the law and both the Strib and PIM didn't bother to verify their allegations, they just printed them as 'facts.' So much for their so-called 'journalists.' And it would seem that Patch is following suit. If Selcer didn't get them paid by 10/15, then she was late, just as the MNGOP claimed. Funny how the DFL hacks like Too Putz and Beavis can change the GOP charge from "paid late" to "unpaid" and no one, from Glander here to the Strib, questions it or verifies it. I also went to J-school and was taught you needed 3 independent sources to verify an assertion. Patch, Strib and PIM didn't even bother with one. So, take your own medicine about who is speaking the truth and who is telling lies.
ChanFan November 02, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Let's remind everyone why the Minnesota Republican Party is in debt right now. The Minnesota Republican Party racked up all that debt because they were forced into an expensive election recount because voters lacked confidence in the election results. It had NOTHING to do with Republican Party "financial recklessness" as DFL activists like to lie about. All Minnesota polling show voters want photo ID for voting. Voters want it because Minnesota lacks integrity in election laws, is out of step with the election laws of other states, and voters lack confidence in the outcome. This is the same reason the MN GOP was forced into an expensive recount. There doesn't need to be existing voter fraud for voters to expect integrity to the voting process and desire confidence in the published results. My child was not allowed to take the ACT college entrance test until he had a valid photo ID of himself and he was 14 years old. ACT testing officials said, no photo ID, no test taking, no exceptions. I wasn't upset, it boosted my confidence in the integrity of the test results that will important to my child's future. Where are the protests for "College Testing Photo ID"?? Where are the claims that photo ID is keeping kids out of college?? There are no protests because parents and students want to have confidence in the results of ACT/SAT college testing. Elections are just as important as taking college entrance exams and should be held to the same photo ID standard.
ChanFan November 02, 2012 at 05:05 PM
I am not surprised this DFL activist is advocating for mindless voting. RE: "Vote straight DFL this year and throw the bums out."
Kathleen Nelson November 03, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Property taxes are due October 15th, not September. We were in the middle of refinancing our home at that time, and had to write a check for the property taxes due because the county doesn't verify payment EXACTLY on the payment date. The check was returned to us 2 weeks later after verification of on time payment. What a stupid, petty line of attack and lies. To pull this out of their butts in the last 2 weeks of the campaign is rotten. When all is said and done, I would love to see all the mailers and ads and accounts laid side to side, and see who has been more negative and spent more on trashing the other candidate rather than stating their positions HONESTLY so we could compare and vote with information. I went to the League of Women Voters website, and found thoughtful responses from Selcer and NO RESPONSE from Stensrud. Enough said about wanting the voters to know their candidates!
Kathleen Nelson November 03, 2012 at 07:01 PM
As I read through the assorted comments, I saw that Romney had been endorsed by way more newspapers in Minnesota than Obama had. This surprised me, so I did a web search, and sure enough, there were 10 papers listed as endorsing Romney. Even more intrigued, I checked out these endorsements. Amazingly, at least 8 of them were nearly identical, word for word! Turns out they are all papers owned by the same company, Forum Communications! So, I'm not buying the number comparison AND I think this should finally put the lie to the "liberal media" that the right so often criticizes. Corporations own the media these days, and corporations, for the most part, are NOT liberal! And apparently are not willing to let local community papers endorse locally.


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