Shutdown Update: Judge Rules on Petitions

Since June 30, more than 50 organizations have petitioned for funding and as of July 8, nine have received an answer.

Ramsey County District Court Judge Kathleen Gearin on Thursday afternoon issued six new rulings on petitions received by Special Master Kathleen Blatz. 

A retired Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Blatz was chosen by Gearin on June 29 to hear and make recommendations on petitions for additional funding from organizations not deemed “core critical” during the government shutdown.

Petitions from Blind Inc., the Minnesota School Board Association, Intermediate School Districts and the Minnesota Department of Human Services - Licensing Division all received additional funding. 

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services was granted permission to continue providing emergency benefit services. 

Since June 30, more than 50 organizations have petitioned for funding and as of July 8, nine have received an answer. 

There is no guarantee any additional funding will be granted or petitions approved. With a small docket on Friday, it is expected more rulings will come over the weekend.

Petitions Approved

Petitions Denied

Gary Hird July 09, 2011 at 02:29 PM
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services Petition was to require the State to continue the Emergency Assistance programs for low income Minnesotans. SMRLS. doesn't administer or receive funds from the programs.


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