Retiring Wayzata Council Member Mary Bader Receives Send-Off

With her background in journalism, Mary Bader saw the need to improve communications between the city and its residents.

Members of the Wayzata City Council took time during their Dec. 18 meeting to bid farewell to retiring Council Member Mary Bader. A resident of Wayzata for 42 years, Bader retired at the end of 2012 after six years in the position. Early on, Bader served on the Wayzata Human Rights and Relations Commission, and was later active in a citizens’ initiative to preserve Wayzata’s historic Big Woods.

With her background in journalism, Mary saw the need to improve communications between the city and its residents. She organized and led the Communications Task Force which strove to improve the city’s communications standards and raised them to a new level. That led to the establishment of the Communications Board, on which she also served.

She organized and led the Parks and Trails Task Force which resulted in the creation of the new Parks and Trails Board. She also represented Wayzata on the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Board in 2007.

During the budget cuts in 2010, Mary recruited Lynn McCarthy to organize the Volunteer Steering Committee, a committee on which Mary also serves.  That committee was designed to mitigate the reductions in city services.  The volunteers have made tremendous contributions to the community and have become part of the fabric of Wayzata.

“I would like to urge every citizen of Wayzata to get involved in some way in public service, including possibly serving on the City Council,” Bader said in closing. “If you do, you will, as I did, gain a new appreciation for the leaders and employees who keep this City running...You will gain an even greater appreciation of Wayzata, its people and its history.”


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