Precinct by Precinct: How the Tea Party's Cindy Pugh Won the Minnesota House 33B Seat

While the DFL made surprising gains in the Minnesota State House and State Senate, Lake Minnetonka continued its tradition as a Republican strong hold.

Beginner's luck or the birth of a GOP star?

Cindy Pugh had never run for public office before declaring her intentions to seek the party's nomination for Minnesota State House District 33B earlier this year.

Now she's making plans for a swearing in ceremony in St. Paul.

A self-described Tea Party candidate (and among the leaders of Minnesota's Tea Party conservatives), Pugh was targeting a district thrust into vacancy due to redistricting and retirements. 

Pugh won the GOP nomination back in August by defeating Steve Smith in the primary election. Smith had been the longest-tenured Republican in the State House.

Pugh's race was one party leaders (rightfully so) had felt confident about since early fall. A quick look at the numbers from yesterday's election tell you why.

Pugh lost only five of the 21 precincts in District 33B. Easily carrying her hometown of Chanhassan—the most populated cluster of precincts in District 33B (and located in Carver County)—gave Pugh a solid floor to work from.

She also won healthy majorities in Shorewood, Minnetonka Beach and Mound.

Pugh will join a State House no longer controlled by Republicans. She will instead be in the minority party of a state government completely controlled by the DFL—promising early and often indications of how Pugh will vote during her two-year term. 

*Information provided by the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office.

County: PrecinctCindy Pugh

Denise Bader

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