Meet the Candidate: Jan Callison

The Hennepin County Commissioner is running for another term on the County Board.

Editor's Note: Patch is running bios on the candidates for the Hennepin County 6th District commissioner seat. This race will be decided during the General Election on Nov. 6. Today, we look at Jan Callison, the incumbent in the race. On Thursday, .

Commissioner Jan Callison

District: Hennepin County 6th District

Political experience:

  • Elected to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners in 2008
  • Elected mayor of Minnetonka in 2005
  • 12 years as an at-large member of the Minnetonka City Council

Occupation: Attorney. She worked as an in-house attorney for a Fortune 1000 company, in private practice and as an adjunct professor at William Mitchell School of Law.

What other job titles have you had? 

  • Executive Director, West Hennepin Affordable Housing Land Trust;
  • Adjunct Professor, William Mitchell College of Law

Education: BA in History/political science, and French from Morningside College (1975); MA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University (1978); JD from Harvard Law School (1982)

Home: Minnetonka

Age: 59

Family: Husband, Fred Reuning, and three children

URLs: www.jancallison.org

Proudest accomplishments in office: “I’m proud of …

  • “My ability to speak for the needs of the residents and communities in this district and the public outreach that I have undertaken such as the County’s first citizen academy.”
  • “My decisions regarding the Hennepin County budget which have responsibly balanced the needs of residents and businesses with property taxes during these challenging economic times.”
  • “My commitment to the future of Hennepin County by championing projects that will assure its economic vitality such as Southwest Light Rail Transit.”

Campaign points/goals:

  • “My goals are to continue to work in the three areas identified above:  effective representation of my district, prudent management of the county’s financial resources, and long-term thinking and planning.”
  • “My philosophy is to consider the issues thoughtfully, listen to other points of view and decide responsibly, with a focus on the long-term.  My decision-making is practical, non-partisan and moderate.”
Jibble September 29, 2012 at 03:49 AM
You identified Dave Wahlstedt's political affiliation in his bio. Any chance you can identify Jan as a Democrat to be fair? I understand this position is supposed to be nonpartisan but we are growing tired of these politicians trying to snow us over on their leanings. Thank you for your posts on the candidates.
Jibble September 29, 2012 at 03:51 AM
And I realize she says she's a "moderate." She is not being truthful. Disregard my previous comment. She snowed the interviewer as well who simply posted what she said which I respect.
ghoweey November 06, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Jan Callision is my neighbor. I have known Jan for 20+ years. Jan likes to spend money. She raised her own salary 43% while at the City of Mtka. Remember that 1/3 your Property Taxes are taxes for Jan Callision & Hennepin County. Jan was asked at the recent Forum, if cuts needed to be done, where would she cut. Jan said she wouldn't meaning that she would increase taxes. Jan has voted for every artsy project the Hennepin County offers including the $20 million bridge that turned into a $50 Million Bridge AND then when another $50 Million was spent since there was a flaw, it turned into a $100 million bridge. She authorized buying a $11 million office Bldg for $26 Million. She has NO business sense. VOTE DAVE WAHLSTEDT
Beavis Friesl November 06, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Ghooweey, nobody wants an endorsement from an unemployed bum. VOTE CALLISON. BTW, my condolences to Jan for having you as a neighbor.


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