Ron Paul Supporter Leads Minnesota Delegation to Republican National Convention

Marianne Stebbins of Excelsior elected to chair the Minnesota delegation dominated by “Liberty Republicans” and says she plans to report 32 votes for Ron Paul during roll call of states.

Marianne Stebbins, a 43-year-old small business owner, is among the 77-person delegation (40 delegates and 37 alternates) who will represent Minnesota at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Aug 27-30.

Stebbins was elected a delegate to the RNC at the Republican Party of Minnesota's state convention in St. Cloud back on May 18-19, and she was elected by the delegation to serve as their chairperson. Stebbins ran as a “Liberty Republican” supporting Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

Of Minnesota’s 40 national delegates, 32 are Liberty Republicans, according to Stebbins.

In addition to chairing the Minnesota delegation, Stebbins will serve on the convention rules committee.

Most of all, she says she is looking forward to speaking to a crowd of 10,000 about the future of the liberty movement at the nationally televised Ron Paul Rally on Sunday, Aug. 26, at the University of South Florida's Sun Dome before the convention kicks off.

“Ron Paul has consistently upheld his oath of office to the Constitution and has fought diligently to defend our founding principles in all areas, from civil liberties, to resisting foreign entanglements that make us less secure, to arguing for sound monetary policy and a stable dollar," Stebbins said. "This is virtually unheard of in a politician."

Although former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee, Stebbins says she still plans to report 32 votes for Dr. Paul, including her own, during the nomination roll call of the states and is hopeful that, within convention rules, Dr. Paul’s name may be placed in nomination and he is given the opportunity to speak at the convention. Stebbins also said she will support GOP platform planks and resolutions endorsed by Dr. Paul.

Stebbins has been active in the Minnesota Republican Party for over 20 years as a volunteer, delegate and party official at various levels. She chaired the 2008 and 2012 Minnesota presidential campaigns for Ron Paul, and is a frequent contributor on the TPT Almanac Political Panel.

“Democrats tend to be concerned about the erosion of our civil liberties, while Republicans want to see more economic freedom. In reality politicians from both parties have been selling us out on liberty for generations, increasing the scope of government, and reducing our freedoms. I believe this is why political independents now outnumber partisans in Minnesota. Stand strong for your principles. Don’t settle. Live free.”

John Kalawak August 21, 2012 at 05:31 AM
Good luck with that. Hope she enjoys being removed from her position.


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