Vandals Trash Badger Park in Shorewood

Lacrosse games, practices and other activities had to be relocated over the weekend. Tax payers will foot cleanup bill.

A storage garage in Badger Park on Country Club Road in was entered illegally, and two cases of fluorescent light bulbs were removed and broken throughout areas of the Badger Park football field. The vandalism occurred the evening of Thursday, July 26.

The city notified South Lake Minnetonka Police Department of the vandalism and contacted Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to check for  environmental contamination.  It was determined that there was no contamination on the field.

Cleanup of the glass has been completed as of Monday, July 30.

Badger football field had to be closed for four days for thorough cleanup. Although Badger field is reopened, lacrosse games, practices and other park activities had to be relocated over the weekend.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to contact City of Shorewood, 952.960.7900.


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