How High Marks for the Excelsior Fire District May Save You Money

Nsw Insurance Services Office ratings for the Excelsior Fire District is good news for Lake Minnetonka home and building owners

Lower ratings can add up to insurance savings for home and buildings owners in the cities of Excelsior, Greenwood, Deephaven, Tonka Bay and Shorewood.

In the summer of 2012 the Excelsior Fire District was evaluated by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). In 2011 the Excelsior Fire District started the process to improve the ISO class 5 rating for hydrated areas and the ISO class 9 rating for non-hydrated areas.

After the evaluation the hydrated areas improved to an ISO class rating of 4 and the non-hydrated improved to an ISO class rating of 5.

The ISO evaluation is based on fire alarms and notification, water supply which includes documentation of homes and commercial buildings with fire sprinkler systems, and the fire department itself. The Excelsior Fire District received high marks in all these areas.  

Higher marks to acquire lower ratings would require items such as two additional fire stations, adding another fire engine to the fleet and hiring full time firefighters.

Not all insurance companies use ISO ratings to determine insurance cost, however all home, building and business owners should contact their insurance agents and inform them of the new lower ISO ratings in the Excelsior Fire District.

Here is lists of other items you want to let you insurance agent know about so you can save on insurance premiums:

  1. Residential or commercial fire sprinkler system 
  2. A fire alarm system
  3. A fire alarm system that a monitored by an offsite company 
  4. Hardwired or radio frequency interconnected smoke alarms
  5. New wiring in homes or business 
  6. StoveTops FireStops installed above stove tops in apartment complexes
  7. Restaurants with annual kitchen hood inspections 
  8. Restaurants with kitchen hood/ fire suppressions systems 

Information provided by the Excelsior Fire District


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