Dangerous Ice: Fourth Vehicle in 48 Hours Breaks Through Lake Minnetonka Ice

Saturday night's accident occurred on the Browns Bay side of Spirit Island. It was the fourth vehicle to break through the ice in less than 48 hours.

A vehicle broke through the ice on Lake Minnetonka Saturday night. It was the fourth to go into the water in less then 48 hours.

Saturday's accident occurred on the Browns Bay side of Spirit Island, and Wayzata Fire Department Chief Kevin Klapprich said no injuries were reported.

"It went through last night, but I can't tell you exactly what time," Chief Klapprich said.

The Hennepin County Sheriff's Water Patrol responded to the scene Saturday night and was back again late Sunday morning after a resident reported seeing what turned out to be the same vehicle submerged in the water.

"The Hennepin County Water Patrol was out there today (Sunday) with their water boat, and some of my guys went out there with them," Chief Klapprich said. "They investigated it, and it sounds like it was the same car that went through last night.

The car remained in the water as of this posting.

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It was a hazardous weekend on Lake Minnetonka. Three additional vehicles went through the ice on Friday night. A nine-month-old baby remains in critical condition after her family's SUV went into the water on Halstead Bay adjacent to County Road 44 in Minnetrista.

Tabitha Markle was trapped in the vehicle for approximately 15-20 before being freed by first responders. She was taken to Waconia by ambulance and later transported by helicopter to Children's Hospital.

Two other vehicles went through the ice on Excelsior Bay and another on Echo Bay. One vehicle remains in the water. No injuries were reported in those accidents.

A water patrol vehicle, described as a "Ranger" similar to a golf cart, also broke through the ice near Cedar Point last weekend while deputies were placing thin ice signs. The deputies were not injured.

A thin ice advisory has been in effect for most of the season for all Hennepin County bodies of water, and Sheriff Rich Stanek said Saturday that even near-zero temperatures like those currently being experienced doesn't make any ice safe.

Sheriff Stanek took the unusual step of ordering all vehicles off Hennepin County ice last winter but said no such step would be issued at this time.


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