My Night on Facebook Monitoring Hurricane Sandy

The best news and updates I received on the storm came via Facebook. I thought I'd share some favorites.

I sat down last night to watch the World Series (of Poker) and do some work. I'd been monitoring Hurricane Sandy's progress all day. I grew up near the Jersey shore, and most of my family and friends still live in the area.

The best news and updates I received on the storm came via Facebook. I thought I'd share some favorites.

Alissa Gervera-Schmid Goodnight FB friends! Be safe, hoping for no work tomorrow so we can start cleaning this mess up!

Ken Schussler Power is out. We're going to separate the saucer section now. I'll be on the battle bridge.

Maria Alexander Berg No power... Who needs it?? Got all we need... Generator, food, booze and anything else you could possibly think of.. — with Eric Berg and 2 others at The Bearded Mansion.

Jen Domenick I can't believe how much damage we have sustained. We will not have power for a long time and are going to be cleaning up forever. Can this be over now?

Kenny Robinson Can't wait for this to be over. Not fun!!!

Chris Rafalowich Anyone from Keyport/Union Beach.... Just how bad is it?

Danielle Haines So since there is two huge trees in my neighbors front yard directly across from braedens room...he is sleeping on the couch in the living room!!!

Jessica Temple Freda I love my husband. If you see him out there, give him a kiss. — with Roger Freda.

Abbey Gbadamosi Power schmower.....all set....making the best of it :)

Stefanie Isaksen We are out of power... who wants to take us in? Ralph and I are lonely :(

John Beyer some dude in Flushing died when a tree fell on his house while he was sleeping. that breaks my heart. ...and now I'm afraid to sleep tonight.

Jill Shepherd I just saw the bay in my street...always wanted waterfront home....

Kim Ber Ly Monopoly by Candlelight ♥ Helps to not concentrate on the roaring winds!!

Michael Michael Saavedra It's about a foot or more deep and 2 feet away from my car in this pic.

Theresa Fitzpatrick So far still happy :-) with Aidan and — with David Fitzpatrick.

Alissa Gervera-Schmid Do any KC directors have power and want to e-mail my parents? Won't let me on from my phone!

Stefanie Isaksen Damn I was in the middle of Long Island Medium and we just lost power.

Dennis Clarke Power out in Piscataway, it was only a matter of time. Sophia still wants her cupcake.

Shane Vergari House shaking! Not cool!

Kenny Robinson No power, e-mail system is down, phones at 50% battery life, got mad calls to make...but I'm surfing Facebook.

Jonathan Poeder I don't want a fu@<!^g Cheeto honey. — with Alexandrea Wittich Poeder.

Tony Gonzalez That I still got some crazy friends and family in NJ who all live on the water and still at home!! PS. Somone get on a boat and rescue Gary Maul he's about to be floating and his couch With a beer in his left hand.

Chris Barth Lmao that's funny cause I could picture it

Nick Orr How the F did people live before electricity? This is whack!

Kirsten Orr I just told off moms costumer...who was climbing on the boats (washed up on the freaking hill).

Richard Sorensen So long power. Do come back again soon.

Cherie Jillson Stay safe Richy. I miss you:-(

Ken Schussler How concerned should I be that my shower drain is gurgling very loud?

Michael Possumato If it's on the ground floor.. perhaps

Michael Ennis When the transformers explode it is a beautiful but erie sight...

Joey Gonzalez Hope u can swim uncle Mike

Keirsten Chevalier So everyone is saying cliffwood beach is an island! Is that true? Am i sitting here on an island right now? Ugh this is so bad! :(

Matawan-Aberdeen Patch Have you seen this video?? Let's send our well wishes to Cliffwood Beach! -Chelsea

Michael Scott Barnett The power of mother nature is just amazing.

Dannielle Phillipp‎ ~ Puzzling by flashlight.... I'm going to get to Oz, Frankenstorm or not...

Heather Zeveney Well click your red shoes & make this stop! 


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