Letter: Vote 'No' to Changing Excelsior's City Charter

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To the editor:

Excelsior voters have an important item on the ballot on the upcoming election, namely that of a proposed amendment to the Excelsior City Charter.  

The proposal would make dramatic changes to the Charter, imposing a very detailed and stringent set of financial rules that could bind future City Councils for years to come. The proposal was voted down by the Charter Commission by an overwhelming vote.

The Excelsior charter can be compared to the U.S. Constitution. It is a very short and concise document which outlines the powers and duties of local governance. It is currently a three-page document that has stood the test of time for many years. The proposal would add five pages to this document. By analogy, it would be like making the Internal Revenue Code an amendment to the Constitution.

Not good!

Recently, the Excelsior City Council adopted an ordinance with a shorter and more workable set of financial rules. That proposal received the overwhelming support of the Charter Commission by a vote of 12-1.

Simply put, there is no problem, no need for this charter amendment, no benefit and extra cost to the taxpayer.

This measure will tie the hands of future City Councils with an inflexible and rigid set of financial and reporting rules, restricting the flexibility to deal with financial issues as they arise from time to time.

Please vote no!

Doug & Deborah Schmidt

Jay Corn October 01, 2012 at 04:59 PM
I would be interested to hear what folks think about this. What are your thoughts?
Leigh Harrod November 09, 2012 at 01:16 AM
The Charter Amendment passed in Excelsior. The citizens finally said "Enough! It's OUR money!" They want to know how it is being managed, mis-managed, spent, wasted or borrowed without their knowledge or consent. They want to be represented by their elected council members, not LED to someplace they don't want to go, such as in a financial hole. They want to know is on the Wish List that they don't know about in advance and cannot prepare for in advance. No more $10 million surprise police stations, please.
cindyella November 16, 2012 at 11:23 AM
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