Letter: Supporting Mark Gaylord for Excelsior Mayor, Opposing Charter Amendment

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To the editor:

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Mark Gaylord for Excelsior Mayor. Mark is intelligent, dedicated, and motivated and has considerable city experience working on many of the community projects that will culminate in the coming years. 

As Chair of the Planning Commission, Mark has been closely involved with the review and approval of the hotel. As mayor, he will ensure the hotel will move forward with an eye toward smart and historic design. Mark’s vision is reflected in his work on the Library Task Force, where he worked with Hennepin County to create a library design that is both functional and historically sensitive.

Mark will work hard to ensure Excelsior stays on a productive path and to preserve the quality of life we enjoy here. If you want to keep Excelsior fiscally sound and vibrant, please join me in voting for Mark Gaylord.

I also ask that you vote no on the ballot Charter Amendment. The Charter Commission, City Council and staff worked together for months, and as a result, a sound Financial Reporting Ordinance and Charter Amendment have recently been passed. 

A no vote will ensure the product of months of collaboration and study guides the City, not the ballot amendment which will burden the City with costly and redundant requirements. It is important to vote on the question—the outcome is based on a percentage of the votes cast on the amendment, not on the number of folks who show up at the polls.

Heidi Viesturs



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