Former Excelsior Mayor Backs Mark Gaylord in November Election

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Letter to the editor:

We are at a crossroads in Excelsior’s history. The leader we elect this November will have an enormous responsibility. The mayor we choose must strengthen ties to the larger community, be forward-thinking in making our downtown a vital and competitive place to do business and be wise in planning for the long term financial security of our city.

The new mayor will either welcome the revitalization of downtown, or block redevelopment proposals. Mark Gaylord has demonstrated his ability to tackle these issues. He possesses intelligence, leadership ability, negotiating skills, flexibility, energy and integrity.

As a former mayor of Excelsior, I was asked to serve on the Library Advisory Committee in 2011. In his capacity as a planning commissioner, Mark Gaylord was appointed to the same committee. Throughout the nine-month process, I watched Mark demonstrate that he has a deep well of common sense, and the brain-power to do his homework and learn the facts about the decisions he will have to make.

As voters, it is our duty to elect people who have the vision to look at the big picture, and the ability to get things done. Mark is a forward-thinking moderate. He has the energy to seek out our opinions, and to represent all of us—not just special interests.

Please join me in voting for Mark Gaylord for Mayor on Nov. 6. A vote for Mark will be a vote for a thoughtfully planned future for Excelsior.

Teri Haugland



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