Why Valentines Day is the Perfect Opportunity to Make a 'Money Date'

Lake Minnetonka resident Nicole Middendorf, a certified divorce financial analyst, says couples should talk about their finances so that both are involved and aware of them.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and people are talking about dates. When was the last time that you and your significant other had a date?  Did you talk about your finances on that date?  

Most likely not, however, it would have been very beneficial if you would have.  

Nicole N. Middendorf, a certified divorce financial analyst with Prosperwell Financial, suggests you make your next date, a “money date.”

"It is important, if you are in a relationship, that as a couple you talk about your finances regularly so that you are both on the same page for budgeting, saving and investing," Middendorf said. "You do not want to fall in to the trap of only one of you taking care of the finances, because then the other one has no idea what is going on. Even if it is easier to have just one person responsible for the finances, you still want to make sure that both are involved and aware of your situation. Otherwise, how can you complain that one is spending too much?"

If your significant other has no idea what is going on with the money, then how are they going to know what they should be spending?  

So, make it a date! A money date!

Talk about your finances so that you are both involved and aware of them.

Middendorf has appeared as a regular contributor to Kare 11, KSTP, WCCO and Fox 9 and hosted a financial radio show on FM 107.1 in the Twin Cities for years. She also regularly contributes blog posts to Lake Minnetonka Patch.

Nicole has won numerous awards and most recently she was honored in New York City with the national Stevie Award for Business Woman of the Year.

Her new book, Lipstick on the Piggy Bank, is a resource to help women take control of their money, no matter how desperate their situation.  

Middendorf is also available to talk on the topics of teaching kids about money, preparing for retirement, and protecting assets.


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