What People Are Saying About Recent Deaths on Lake Minnetonka

Cars through the ice; snowmobiles sunk; three dead; ice fisherman react; more than a dozen vehicles have gone through Lake Minnetonka ice this winter.

The second and third deaths of the season attributed to thin ice conditions on Lake Minnetonka has got people talking.

Below are a selection of notable comments left on Lake Minnetonka Patch's Facebook page and Tweets from throughout the country about the recent accidents.

ryan dietrich ‏@rydadi@DeRushaJ oh no. Same last name but no relation at all. Worked together at MG Granite City when I was finishing school. Sad thing.

Jim Manning: "I was fishing on Grays bay when this happened. Was not at all worried to drive my truck on the ice, everywhere I drilled a hole was 16+ inches of ice. I just can't understand why anyone would drive trough a channel, especially when there were "thin ice" signs all around the channel.

Susie Jones ‏@sjonesWCCO "A grandmother and her grandson die when their car goes through the ice on #LakeMinnetonka. Details at http://wcco.com 

Jeri Elsner: "Driving on ice is never really safe. So sad."

Lynn Patrick Groll: "I simply don't understand why people continue to drive on the lake. Am I missing something? How much clearer can the warnings be??????"

Suad Suljic ‏@SuadSuljic: Really sad to hear that another car has fallen through the #LakeMinnetonka ice.

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Pat McCarthy: "Very sad, great job by Minnetonka, Wayzata Fire and HCSO on there response. Unfortunate ending."

Maribeth Smith Osell: "So sad, prayers to their families."

Karen Smith Shiels: "So sad lives had to be lost when it is so avoidable. With all the publicity and warnings, people seem to think it can't happen to them. Common sense rules."

Britta ‏@Britta34: Hey people, don't drive your automobile onto #LakeMinnetonka. #Minnesota #fishing #ice

Cindy Larson: "Very Tragic... How many cars last year? Do not remember hearing about this many."

Pioneer Press ‏@PioneerPress: A man and woman whose vehicle broke through the ice on #LakeMinnetonka on Saturday have died: http://ow.ly/hnE8s 

Orono February 04, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Stop saying that the second and third deaths of the season were attributed to thin ice conditions on Lake Minnetonka. It is like blaming a drowning on the lake for being too wet. Stupidity is the only reason all 3 people are dead.
S. K. Andreassen II February 04, 2013 at 10:59 PM
So Orono are you saying the Ice was think and they just somehow fell through? Ice is Ice and on Lake Minnetonka it is think in some spots and thin in others. Where it is think and thin can change from year to year. But you are right, the reason they are dead is stupidity. Ice is not safe people! Drive on the Road not on a Lake!
S. K. Andreassen II February 04, 2013 at 11:00 PM
sorry typing to fast! Think is Thick! LOL
Orono February 04, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Nope, not saying that at all. The thickness of the ice is irrelevant to what happened.


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