Wayzata Police: 'We Will Do Everything We Can to Keep Kids Safe in Our Schools'

Police officers from throughout the nation had an increased presence at schools this morning—including Wayzata.

Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold posted on the department's Facebook page this morning that officers were at each of the four school buildings in the city this morning as parents and students arrived.

"This was less for the purpose of physical security," Chief Risvold wrote. "It was more about offering a sense of emotional security in light of last week's unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut. The waves and smiles from the children were very powerful and uplifting. Most of us in this profession have children. As police officers, and as parents, we will do everything we can to keep kids safe in our schools, both physically and emotionally."

Officers from other departments, including Orono, Mound, Minnetonka and South Lake Minnetonka, had an intentional increased presence at most schools in the Lake Minnetonka area today.

Police identified the shooter Sunday in the gruesome shootings of 26 individuals at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Friday, 20 of whom were children between the ages of 6 and 7, as 20-year-old Adam Lanza of Newtown.

Police also released the name of another victim, Lanza’s mother Nancy, who was discovered at the Yogananda Street home where the two lived.

Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance told reporters at a Sunday afternoon press conference that Nancy Lanza died of multple gunshot wounds and her death is being ruled as a homicide. Adam Lanza died of a gunshot wound and his death is being ruled as a suicide, Vance said.

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