Wayzata Police Cuff Unregistered Predatory Offender Who 'Wanted to Start a New Life'

California declined to extradite on outstanding arrest warrants, but Wayzata Police arrested Clifton Fulmer last week on failure to register charges.

Prosecutors recently charged a 45-year-old Wayzata resident with failing to register as a predatory offender, a felony.

Clifton Fulmer was convicted back in 2007 of three counts of lewd conduct charges in California. His post-release restrictions require him to register his whereabouts with the State of Minnesota. Fulmer, however, was unaccounted for until a routine traffic stop late last month, according to the criminal complaint filed by prosecutors.

Police stopped Fulmer’s vehicle for expired registration, and a check of Fulmer’s identity alerted officers to a pair of active arrest warrants in California—one for probation violations and the other for failing to register.

According to the complaint, Fulmer told officers he did not register in Minnesota because he “wanted to start a new life.”

However, the State of California declined to extradite Fulmer. He was taken back into custody by Wayzata Police Feb. 27 near his apartment building on Rice Street in Wayzata.


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