Truck Sinks to the Bottom of Lake Minnetonka, All OK

Owners have 30 days to recover the vehicle. Check back soon for full coverage or click the "keep me posted button" below.

A truck broke through the ice on Smith Bay this morning and now rests on the bottom of Lake Minnetonka. The vehicle's occupants, two men in their 20s, narrowly escaped through the truck's windows—cold and shaken but otherwise unharmed.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene just after 11:30 a.m. 

Sheriff deputies say the ice was about four inches thick in the area. Warning signs now ring the open water created by Saturday's accident, which was the second of its kind this season on Lake Minnetonka.

Check back Sunday morning for full coverage, including an interview with one of the vehicle's occupants, or click the "keep me posted" button below to be notified when updates are posted.


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