Freshwater Society Hosts Road Salt Symposium at Arboretum

Annual Road Salt Symposium Offers Help to Reduce Chloride Pollution in Minnesota’s Waters; The Freshwater Society is a Minnesota Non-Profit Organization Based in Excelsior.

The Freshwater Society will host the 12th Annual Road Salt Symposium on Thursday, Feb. 7 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The symposium will begin at 8:30 a.m.

This annual conference aims to increase the awareness of the harmful effects of chlorides in road salt and to offer solutions to help mitigate this pollution. The 2013 symposium will feature the latest information on chlorides in area waters and provide innovative approaches to help repair and sustain our resources.

This year's event will also emphasize current research on the toxicity of road salt and also a just-released report on the effectiveness of deicers. Speakers will also present solutions for everyone—from homeowner’s to city managers to building owners and transportation departments. As more and more waterways continue to be impaired with chlorides, the responsibility for everyone to adopt practices to control this pollution becomes more and more urgent. 

Agenda Highlights:  

  • MPCA’s award-winning display on the Salt Dilemma
  • Behavior Changes- and 50% decrease in salt use!
  • New Research on Toxicity of Road Salt and Other Deicers and Anti-icers
  • Update on Twin Cities Metro Area Chloride Management Plan by MN PCA
  • Minnesota 2013 Environmental Leadership Awards!

 For more information and to register for the Road Salt Symposium, please visit: www.freshwater.org or call Jeanne at 952-314-8133 or jeanne@freshwater.org

The Freshwater Society is a Minnesota non-profit organization, based in Excelsior. For more than 40 years, it has educated and inspired people to value, conserve and protect water resources. Learn more at www.freshwater.org.


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