Lake Minnetonka 2013 Youth Ice Fishing League Open for Registration

The league begins Jan. 5 and is open to all fisherpersons ages 4-18.

The American Angler League is once again inviting parents to sign their kids up for its Youth Ice Fishing League on Lake Minnetonka. The season begins Jan. 5 and runs through Feb. 23. There is no cost to participate.

Skill level groups range from beginner to advanced, and kids can fish anytime and enter their scores on provided sheets.

Click here to register.

Focusing on enjoyment, integrity, family, stewardship and respect for the individual, The American Angler League's mission is to promote fishing as an activity that builds lifelong relationships, friendships and memories.

Minnetonka Youth Ice Fishing Season 2013 Rules

  • Participation is open to anybody who is willing to travel to fish on Lake Minnetonka.
  • Anglers must be between the ages of 4-18.  Parents must provide supervision or have made arrangements with another adult to supervise during the ice fishing events.
  • Ice fishing can take place anytime, anywhere on Lake Minnetonka while following all the Federal and MN State Fishing Regulations.   
  • The time you commit is up to you and your schedule. 
  • Using the American Angler Leagues Scoring System for Minnesota™, youth anglers will keep track of their “fishing scores” for the entire ice fishing season. 
  • Points will be earned for catching fish and recording scores online.
  • Only one score per day can be posted.     
  • Anglers must be under the age of 18. To be eligible for awards and events anglers must registered at  www.fishtonka.com.
  • Fish individually or assemble a team – maximum number of anglers is determined by you and your willingness to take others ice fishing with you.  For example:  teams may consist of coach/coaches (parent/relative/etc.) + child + child’s friend = team
  • Ice Fishing events will take place during the season so that groups can fish and learn together.  These will be scheduled and provide additional opportunities for anglers to earn awards and fish competitively. 
  • Ice fishing seminars will take place during the season to share information with local residents who are interested in learning how to ice fish and improve their ice fishing skills.


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