Kris Humphries Retreats to Lake Minnetonka Home

Secluded home on lake's north shore was purchased in 2005 for just over $1.5 million.

With the NBA lockout showing no signs of ending anytime soon and his marriage on the rocks, Kris Humphries has retreated to his Lake Minnetonka home to escape the public eye.

Nestled along the lake’s secluded northern shore with a spectacular view of the water, Humphries' home blends in seamlessly with others in the upscale Mound subdivision on Island View Drive.

After America watched his highly publicized courtship and marriage to socialite Kim Kardashian on the E! Network’s hit television show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Kardashian filed for divorce from the 26-year-old Minnetonka native after just 72 days of marriage. The marital breakdown has since become regular fodder for late night comedians and gossip columnists.

Except for a brief statement he released immediately after Kardashian’s Oct 31 divorce filing, Humphries has remained virtually silent and out of the media’s reach.

“I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce,” part of the statement read.

Humphries has been spotted several times in the Lake Minnetonka area during the last two weeks—working out at L.A. Fitness in Chanhassen and near his parents’ home on Lake Minnewashta. According to reports filed by TMZ, Kardashian flew to Minneapolis last week to talk with Humphries and speak face-to-face with his family.

Contrary to previous media reports that he and Kardashian bought the Lake Minnetonka home over the summer, Humphries purchased the lakeshore property in July 2005 for $1.55 million. Not immune to the nation’s collapsing real estate market, the estate is now worth about half that, according to the Hennepin County Assessor’s Office.

His luxury SUV sat in the driveway Wednesday morning, but Humphries did not answer the door when Patch attempted to speak with him. 

A neighbor says Humphries keeps to himself and causes little commotion when he is home.

Bill Garrity lives just across the secluded road from Humphries' home and said he hasn't had any problems with his celebrity neighbor in the years he has known him.

“When he started seeing her (Kardashian), she started showing up this year,” Garrity said. “They travel so much, so they’re hardly ever home. They’ll show up for a day or two and then he’s gone.”

Garrity said there have been no loud parties, large convoys or other conspicuous activity at the home and Humphries is quick with a wave and polite greeting whenever the two see each other.

“I talk to Kris once in a while,” Garrity said. “I say, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ when he’s out doing yard work or something like that. He’s a great neighbor—really just a normal, nice guy.”

Humphries grew up in Minnesota and attended  and led the school to a state championship in 2002.

In fact, , and Novak’s wife, Shauna, were among the many guests at the Kardashian-Humphries wedding in Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Humphries chose the University of Minnesota over a slew of scholarship offers from other top basketball programs, and was the lone bright spot on a poor-performing U of M basketball team in 2004. He left the U of M after his freshman year and was drafted by the Utah Jazz with the 14th pick of the 2004 NBA draft.

He has played for four different teams, most recently the New Jersey Nets, and is currently an unrestricted free agent—although the NBA labor lockout has prevented him from negotiating a contract with a new team.

Humphries and Kardashian spent Easter in Minnesota with Kris’ family. They were seen attending church together and working out at the LA Fitness in Chanhassan.

The couple grabbed headlines across the country after spending the Fourth of July frolicking with friends on and around Big Island. Photos of the two enjoying themselves quickly surfaced on the Internet.

They married in August and there have been rumors of problems since then, according to the Huffington Post. Prior to Kardashian filing for divorce, the couple was filming a new season of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York."

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ocean2218 November 15, 2011 at 06:49 AM
I think Kim was horrible for the way she treated Kris, and how she had to control every situation, including his pets. If I was with someone who didn't like my dog, that would send up a red flag. What kind of person doesn't like dogs. She will always find herself in failed relationships, because she doesn't know the word "comprimise", or what it means to be a "giving and loving person". She is so materialistic, and in watching the show, I just wanted a way to contact him and say "No Kris it isn't going to work, she isn't made that way". It just made me sick, how everything had to be her way. The bedding was silk, the dogs couldn't be on them. Without asking him, she went out and bought kennels. What kind of person does that? I will tell you what kind of person "A HORRIBLE, SELF ABSORBED PERSON". KRIS SHE REALLY DID YOU A FAVOR. Find yourself a nice MN girl, and I am not saying that because I am from MN, because I am not from MN. I just think you will find a more geniune type person in the Midwest. Kim K, really does have a defect, you can see it if you watch her shows, it's not in how they edit it. It is just her, and her behavior. The women is a obsessive-compulsive, control freak that has to have order and if it is messed up she can not deal with it. . I really hope she hasn't destroyed for other women because that would be sad if you gave her that much power. Just think of it like this. It was a learning lesson that you made a profit off of.
ocean2218 November 15, 2011 at 06:52 AM
Sorry for some of the errors didn't proof read every one
Samantha Ehm January 17, 2012 at 08:02 AM
I beleive Kris is better off with out kim! I love the fact hes so focused and family orientated! He needs a girl that loves all the thinkgs he does, a down home midwestren girl, like myself!
Safee Donzo January 26, 2013 at 03:56 AM
I think u are rite...


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