Catchy Tune Alert: Get Your Blog on Lake Minnetonka

WARNING: This song will be in your head all day.

Whether it's a gripe with city hall, a concern about your child's school, the fishing on Lake Minnetonka or anything in between, here is your chance to let the community know what's on your mind. 

The Lake Minnetonka Patch site was recently outfitted with a sleek, modern blogging platform that has been designed with you—the local community member—in mind. 

To join the roster, click here.

You have probably heard the term "blog" or one of its derivitives. But what exactly is a blog? Let's first start with a definition. 

The word blog is a blended word (web+log). Broadly speaking, a blog is an online catalog of thoughts, opinions, ideas or general conversation open for others to read and respond to. There are photo blogs, wine blogs, parenting blogs, sports blogs, political blogs—you name it, it's out there.

Some blog entries read like manifestos, while others are just a few sentences. Some just contain links to other blogs, Internet sites or other online items that the author finds of particular interest.

Here at Lake Minnetonka Patch, we're looking to carve out a new niche inside the blogosphere: the hyperlocal variety penned exclusively by the people who live here. I want you to be among this site's charter class of bloggers and to help shape what people are talking about.

That's right, we want you to step up and let the community know what it is that excites you, angers you, tempts you and brings joy to your life.

Have a trade or area of expertise? We want you to share your wisdom. From baseball cards and salt water aquariums to gardening and video games, we want you to engage your neighbors in an interactive conversation that starts with you.

Be the talk of the town.

Read a good book or have a recommendation? Share it.

Thoughts on this year's high school football team? Discuss them.

Have an idea for the city about development? Air it.

Unhappy about the condition of a road or the cheeseburger you just ordered? Tell us.

Be bold, be honest, be civil and be yourself.

Think about what we've talked about here. Now is the time to speak up, and Lake Minnetonka Patch wants to be the place.

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