Tropical Storm Isaac Expected to Cause Increase in Gas Prices

AAA officials have said that Tropical Storm Isaac -- soon expected to become Hurricane Isaac -- may cause gas prices to rise quickly around Lake Minnetonka.

Gas prices in Minnesota could climb this week because of the storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sherry Troy, who filled her Chevy Cavalier at the on Shoreline Drive in Wayzata, says the bump in price won't surprise her a bit.

"I don't doubt prices will increase," she said. "I think gas prices are high as it is, I'm not thrilled at the idea of paying more."

Troy isn't alone. "If I understood how gas prices were set in this country, I would be genius," Dan Johnson quipped.

As a contractor, he travels a lot to remodel homes in the area.

"Hurricane or no hurricane, I gotta get to work so I guess I'll have to deal with the price of gas no matter what," Johnson said.

Officials from AAA have said that Tropical Storm Issac, which is currently ripping across the Gulf of Mexico, will shut down offshore oil rigs. AAA Iowa believes this will drive gas prices up by about 25 cents a gallon.

The National Hurricane Center has predicted that the tropical storm will become a hurricane on Tuesday with 74 to 95 mph winds. It is expected to hit from an area southwest of New Orleans to the edge of Florida's panhandle.

Tropical Storm Isaac targeted a broad swath of the Gulf Coast on Monday, bearing down just ahead of the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The Category 1 hurricane could make landfall as soon as Tuesday.


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