Lake Minnetonka Couple Helps Kids Count the Ways With New Book and Bunny

Maia and Allan Haag and their company I See Me! release latest personalized kids book—and this one can be delivered with a plush "Snuggle Bunny."

Elizabeth Brown Barrett’s famous sonnet poses the question, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Now children can count the ways, 1 to 10, they are loved with the adorable new "My Snuggle Bunny" personalized book by I See Me!, Inc.—owned by Lake Minnetonka residents Maia and Allan Haag. 

In this heartwarming story, children will hear all the ways that Snuggle Bunny loves him or her throughout the day, from a hug in the morning to snuggle time in the evening. The book is personalized with the child’s name on the cover and throughout the manuscript and illustrations.

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Parenting expert Susan Heim recommends "My Snuggle Bunny" as a great way to make a child feel loved and special."

“Bedtime is the perfect time for settling down with a good book," Helm said. "Some children like to find new reads, while others like to hear the same favorite books over and over again. At I See Me! you can find beautiful personalized books that often become children’s favorites because they love to discover their name inside."

Parents can even get an accompanying plush bunny to help remind their children that Snuggle Bunny—and mom and dad—love them.

Written by award-winning author Maia Haag and illustrated by John Butler, this unique hardcover book with 20 pages is sure to become a classic bedtime reading ritual. The companion plush Snuggle Bunny is 12” with floppy ears and super-soft fur.

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"My Snuggle Bunny" makes a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day, a fun addition to any Easter basket or a thoughtful gift for a new baby. To take a virtual tour today, visit I See Me!, Inc.


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