Excelsior Jeweler Wants to Give Away Rings

Borrowing the idea from the hit TV show "American Chopper," Brian Walters offers to showcase his creative work by giving it away.

Excelsior fine jewelry designer and ringmaker, Brian Walters, has announced plans to give away one custom "theme ring" each month beginning in October.

Similar to what "Paul Sr." has been doing with his custom "theme bikes," Brian Walters will be choosing one business/corporation each month to work with to design a ring (or other jewelry item) that they can use as an employee incentive, a corporate auction event or to benefit their favorite charity or organization.

Walters started his jewelry design business over 25 years ago working out of his home and has created numerous theme rings and jewelry pieces over the years for several Minnesota Vikings players, world famous musicians, the NHRA motor racing association, Mr. & Ms. Minnesota bodybuilding championships, the ILYA yachting association and even the Hells Angels motorcycle club.

Walters is currently working with STEELE Fitness on a ring idea for the winner of their "Fitness Challenge 2012."

"There won't be any fighting or swearing in my shop like you see on the Chopper TV show, but we will be creating some pretty cool ring!" said Walters. "We can do basic signet or crest rings with corporate logos like Jostens does, but we prefer to be much more creative than that."

Companies that are interested in working with Walters should e-mail their logo with a brief bio on the company, the number of employees and how they would choose to award or donate their custom "theme ring."

Walters' only request is that companies or organizations who would like to be considered for the monthly ring giveaway should be: 100 percent U.S. owned and without any overseas out-sourced employees.

For more information, contact Brian Walters at 952-470-0013, 


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