VIDEO: Instant Snow in the Twin Cities

How cold was it? Patch Associate Regional Editor Mike Schoemer made snow with just a cup of very hot water Monday night.

Monday night, there weren't many creatures stirring as the mercury dipped well below zero.

Temperatures last night in the northwest suburbs hit about 13 degrees below zero. With more than 10 mph winds, the wind chill was more than 30 below.

So, Twin Cities Patch Associate Regional Editor Mike Schoemer went back to his roots.

Schoemer, a South Dakota native, attended college in icy Moorhead, MN and was inspired by a meteorologist (and friend) there to conduct an experience with some very cold air (provided by Mother Nature) and a steaming cup of water (provided by Keurig).

And the experiment was a success.

Hot water, when launched into bitterly cold and dry air, will freeze and evaporate, creating a fine, crystalized mist that appears to be much like snow.

The result is a "snow cloud," and one exciting, if not bone-chilling, video.


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