Tomorrow: Community Pitches Tents for 17th Annual 'Sleep Out'

All are invited to join the 2012 IOCP Prayer Walks, which are being held in two locations, Wayzata City Hall and the IOCP Plymouth offices.

by LaDonna HoyIOCP Executive Director

Seventeen years ago, Shoe-Bob Fisher tapped on the soul of a whole community with a great idea. He had been watching people come and go from the IOCP Food Shelf and began wondering what they'd be doing for Thanksgiving.

The great idea that came to him while he was trying out a new tent in his yard was what if he told his customers that he was going to sleep out in the cold in this tent for as long as it might take to raise $7,000 to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for 100 families who come to the IOCP Food Shelf.

Crazy idea? Not so. Charmed by the idea, his customers picked up their shoes, made their donations, spread the word, and a week before Thanksgiving, a happy Bob came by with not $7,000 but $10,000. 

Since then, his great idea has captured the heart and powered up the will of our whole community, making it possible to continue to change the odds and help struggling families and kids build new and hopeful futures.

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What's at stake this year is the hope and future of the 1,700 families God has placed in our path. The Sleep Out XVII goal is $1.95 million. It will take the whole village to get us there. Everyone. Every one.

The Sleep Out Kickoff will again be at Klapprich Park in Wayzata at 7 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 10. It will be immediately preceded by two Prayer Walks, one that will start at Wayzata City Hall and the other at IOCP in Plymouth. Both will arrive at Klapprich Park at 7 p.m. in time for the Kickoff of Sleep Out XVII that will include Bob, food, live music, activities, hip-hop and the beginning of a community-wide Sleep Out. For our families, for our kids. Come. Come. Catch the spirit. We need to hit this one out of the park! Thank you for staying with us.


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