Surviving Easter Dinner

Holiday meals and social gathering can test willpower and threaten any healthy eating plan.

Eating Tips for Holiday Meals

Celebrating Easter and Mother’s Day is usually centered around food, either at someone’s home or brunch at your favorite restaurant.  Here are ideas to help you enjoy your holidays without overdoing it.

1)     Plan ahead.

Identify where you will be, who you will be with, what foods will be available, and how to minimize your personal triggers to overeat.  Offer to bring a healthy dish that you enjoy.

2)     Eat balanced meals and snacks throughout the day.

Don’t go to the party hungry, or you will be more likely to overeat. Try eating a snack prior to attending holiday parties, or start the party with a salad or a few glasses of water.  This will help curb your appetite.

3)    Check in with your physical and emotional hunger.

Pay special attention to your cravings.  Identify what you really want to eat and the portion that will satisfy your hunger.  Make mindful choices – survey the buffet before filling your plate, choose your favorite foods and skip the others.

4)     Mindfully enjoy your holiday meal. 

Take the time to savor your meal.  Appreciate the visual presentation, aroma, textures and flavors.  Be the last one to start eating and then pace yourself with the slowest eater at the table.  This will help to ground you as you socialize and dine.

For more information about healthy eating, contact Marsh Dietitian Kim Plessel, MS, RD, LD or plan to attend Marsh Lite: A Weight Loss & Fitness Group that will meet for six weeks beginning Wednesday, April 27.


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