Doctor's Orders: Go Play!

What’s your “play personality" and how do you nurture it?

Why should you bring play into your workplace or classroom?

According to Dr. Stuart Brown, Founder of the National Institute for Play, play is anything but trivial—it is a basic biological drive as integral to our health as sleep or nutrition.

Whether it’s through physical activity, social interaction, competition, adventure, or art, our need to play is hardwired into our brains. When we suppress it, at any stage of human development, there are consequences.

“I see it as a public health issue,” he says.

It is also an innovation issue. In a recently published articleLaura Seargeant Richardson wrote, “…we must set aside the myth that play and work are two separate things. Play should be our greatest work, as it is the biggest driver of innovation. Innovation companies today don't ask and don't care about basic skills, grades, or SAT scores—instead, they want to know if you can brainstorm all the possible uses of bubble wrap.”

Learn more about the Power of Play Tuesday, May 17, when Dr. Brown is the 26th Anniversary Speaker at The Marsh.  Register here or by calling 952-935-2202. 


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